"We are the Supplier of Premium Quality Speed Governor / IRNSS(Gps) in Kerala, India..Our team has considerable capability and engineering skills to provide standard as well as customized products.We assure timely delivery of these Speed Governors to the clientele from our end.They also have Irnss vehicle traking system ,Gov. Aproved Ais140 gps ,Ais 140 gps companies,Motor vehicle department approved gps,Kerala govt approved gps,Gps dealers ,Gps , Vehicle tracking system"

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computer server monitoring, that is continuous, is always available (day or night), or involves products that can run constantly without disruption or downtime .

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Our Features

Real-Time Tracking. Most GPS Tracking devices are enabled with real-time monitoring

Live Tracking

Users to track your progress while working out in real-time using a combination of GPS signal and cellular data.

Point Of Interest

Automatically connects to everything you've ordered from all your favorite retailers while allowing you to visually track your packages, anytime, anywhere.

Fuel Sensor

The sensing system is located in the fuel tank and consists of a float—usually made of foam and connected to an actuating metal rod—attached to a variable resistor. .

Geo Fensing

This feature coordinates the car's position, via GPS, with a database of speed limit information to alert drivers if they're speeding

Remote On/Off

The area around the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver is often referred to as a blind spot

Fleet management

First establish a virtual boundary around a specified location in GPS- or RFID-enabled software.

Our Services

Live Tracking

Airo Track Technologies provides quality And premium Services To Our Customers .You Can Track Informations Ranging From Locations,Trips And Device Alerts Through Mobile Apps

Sevice Supports

Company Offers Uninterrupted After Sale Services To The Customers With the Help of A Well-Trained Service Team

Real-Time Tracking
Device Allows You To Trace Your Vehicle,In Between Seconds Of Time And Provides Precise Tracking

User Friendly Mobile App

The Mobile App Which Works Over Android And IOS Platform ,Is Easy To Access And Needs Minimum Efforts And Details

Alarms And Alerts

The Combined Device And Mobile App System Alerts The User In A Time To Time Manner,For over Speeds,Emergency Conditions ,Bit Alerts etc..

Data History

The Device have A Data Pool Which offers The Customers ,A wide Range of previous Data Storage Over A Period oOf one Month,Also provide Trip Details